About Us

A manga/comic/fiction enthusiast and a business management mind, together we make a dual team of entrepreneurs trying to build the foundation of a soon-to-be clothing empire. We focus on original manga designs, new trending gaming designs and the latest trending designs.
Nerdy Horde is the army of Nerds; nerd over games? Nerd over comics? Nerd over cartoons? Nerd over anime/manga? It doesn't matter because if you are wearing a Nerdy Horde T-shirt or a hoodie then you represent the character design that you are wearing; you represent what you wear, and this is what Nerdy Horde is all about. Nerdy Horde is also the foundation of upcoming many brands. Presently, we deliver quality designs (print design or graphic design) on the T-shirts and hoodies. Also working on new designs of famous characters from the mangas and the comics (DC/Marvel) or from the latest games.
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Contact us: support@nerdyhorde.in